Serial production

The production of serial production includes programming all machines in the process, making the necessary tools and templates. The choice of material suppliers in subcontractors is also crucial. In any case it is the Metal design company that stands for the quality of each finished product.

We are specialized in small and medium series (from 50 to 10,000 pieces per year), but we also accept orders for large series up to 50,000 pieces per year.

On our advanced machines, we can produce complex welded constructions, various demanding pieces from sheet metal or turned parts. We also arrange assembly, packaging and labeling according to your needs and all the logistics to your warehouse.

With CAM production, we constantly monitor quality, production time and costs in each series. In doing so, we optimize the process and are are able to propose technical improvements so that each product can be adjusted for the next series.

We have been delivering goods to Germany for almost 30 years , we also regularly deliver complex pieces to  Switzerland, Austria, UK and Izrael! 

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