Sheet metal bending

For the sheet metal bending we use two CNC press brakes, Amada HD 1303 NT and Bystronic Xpert80. Both enable precise bending even in the case of complex shapes.

Technical details:

Amada HD 1303 NT is a hydraulic hybrid press brake that enables fast, quiet and ultra precise sheet metal bending with excellent ram positioning and repeatabiliy.

•    Capacity: 1300 kN (130 t)
•    Max. bending length: 3110 mm

Bystronic Xpert80 is a compact and fast press brake with reduced power consumption, for small and medium parts.

•    Capacity: 800 kN (80 t)
•    Max. bending length: 1530 mm

We can reliably and exactly bend sheet metal of different thicknesses with all dimensions in tolerances.