Since 1990 we design, develop, optimize and produce technologically demanding metal products and machine components. We also make high quality metal furniture under our own brand name Metal design.

We are an international partner of several west-european companies for their welded compounds, sheet metal products, milled parts and furniture. Highly skilled staff with several engineers and with experience can develop your metal components in the shortest time possible, from drawing of technical drawings, preparation of tools, templates, prototype development, sample production and serial production.

With 28 years of experience in designing and manufacturing metal parts we can assure you constant and reliable quality and safe business. Metal design is synonymous with cutting-edge production of technologically demanding products.



Our vision is to become a recognized and respected company in whole Europe for complex and technologically demanding metal components in advanced industrial sectors such as green technologies, agricultural machinery, medical and aerospace industries. We also want to remain a trusted manufacturer of luxury metal furniture.

Through continuous training and efforts of all participants we provide innovative and economical solutions. We actively participate in the development and improvements of products in order to support our partners for their own success. We are focused on consolidating the position and the success of the company on the market and also increasing the visibility of the company and sales advantage. We are flexible, punctual, and always keep to agreements. 


Metal Design is committed to achieving technological perfection and high quality products, reliability of supply, competitiveness, creating safe working conditions and living environment and the satisfaction of all included.

  • Our long-term goals are:
  • - building long-term cooperation with every customer;
  • - ensuring a constant increase of quality level of our products;
  • - adaptation of technologies and technological processes to the latest trends in the field;
  • - ensuring economical business;
  • - continuously improving the quality control management system;
  • - increasing the satisfaction and dedication of employees with perpetual motivation;
  • - ensuring social security and proper regulation of the working environment;
  • - identifying and managing risks.


We emphasis relations and at the same time we adopt new technologies, we are rational and hardworking. Our values are expressed in our House Rules:

  • - Always speak the truth;
  • - laugh a lot and loud;
  • - be happy and always try new things;
  • - do what you love to do and love your work;
  • - learn from the best;
  • - transfer your knowledge and experience;
  • - respect others;
  • - do not remain silent, give your opinion;
  • - keep your promises;
  • - say "please" in "thank you";
  • - always do you best;
  • - be proud of yourself;
  • - make your dreams come true;
  • - from time to time say: I like you!