Tube cutting and bending

Tube bending

We offer the service of tube bending on a 6-axis CNC bending machine Macri PROVAR 6-45.

For tube bending, the thickness and quality of the material and the right tools are crucial. We can bend tubes, rods and bars of round, square and rectangular shape. Square and rectangular tubes and bars can be curved with standard radii, and round tubes can also be curved with variable radii.

The following shows the performance of the bending machine:

• Max. dimension of round construction tubes: 45 x 4 mm

• Max. dimension of round stainless steel tubes: 40 x 3 mm

• Max. dimension of round tubes (aluminum, brass, copper): 45 x 5 mm

• Max. dimension of round tubes (variable radius): 35 x 2 mm

• Max. dimension of rectangular tubes: 40 x 35 x 2 mm

• Max. dimension of round profiles: ϕ30 mm

• Max. dimension of square profiles: 25 x 25

• Max. working length: 3450 mm

• Max. bending angle: 190 °

Tube bending
Tube cutting

Tube cutting

For cutting tubes and profiles, we use an automatic saw Imet BS 400/60 AFI-NC with hydraulic drive.

It can cut several tubes at the same time, which is fast and efficient.

The table below shows the technical capacities of the saw at different angles for different material shapes:


Round tubes / Profiles

Square tubes/profiles

Rectangular tubes/ profiles

max. ϕ 310 mm

max. 280 mm

max. 400 x 250 mm


max. ϕ 280 mm

max. 270 mm

max. 300 x 200 mm


max. ϕ 260 mm

max. 200 mm

max. 200 x 200 mm

Several tubes at once (only at 0°)

max. 300 x 120 mm

min. 120 x 20 mm